Water Blogged

It was a dark stormy night…and morning. Despite the new roof I discovered my blogging days are numbered. The window in my “office”, which is right in front of my computer is leaking. Leaking is a nice word  – it is gushing and flooding my desk.

My hats off to the nice folks at Dell for making a mouse that can swim. I mopped things up and I’m trying to get a few things done before I move my computer to dryer ground (downstairs) and of course before I get some sort of electrical shock.

My mouse is now sitting on a copy of “Good Night Moon”. I didn’t even realize I had that but it was the first book I grabbed on the shelf next to the built in desk which is under the leaking window.

Where I live storms are big news. Light rain is big news. Streets flood, trees fall, some unfortunate reporter gets sent up to the mountains to stand freezing at Blue Canyon.

And like any writing/blogging idiot I’m blogging/writing. It makes me think of Clark – you know, the creature the kids find in the park in “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”. Clark is an exotic looking creature the children find in a giant jar of water and of course they bring him home.

So I’ll ring out towels and start moving my stuff (and more than likely steal a laptop away from my 13 year old).

In the meantime we have skate practice (artistic roller) and other things to do which will require me to go OUTSIDE.

Wishing you all a safe, comfortable and dry Sunday.

~ MT

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