Wine, Spirits and Best Intentions

When I started the West Coast Review blog back in February 2012 I had every intention of creating the “go to” place for wine and spirit reviews, food/cooking, buying local, shopping, travel…

After letting West Coast Review sit for months I’m back…at least back forwarding blogs from others, including my alter ego sister blog (

I hope to start doing more original postings in the future. I live and work in Northern California but my goal is to create posts that will entertain everyone, no matter where they are.

For today…a review of some Bourbons, Vodkas and a nice Port. Enjoy.

New Favorites From Teddy’s Bar.

~ MT

Author: Juliette Kings

I'm a mom, artist and writer, living in California. and

2 thoughts on “Wine, Spirits and Best Intentions”

  1. This rainy day is perfect for Irish Coffees. The first time I had one was in San Francisco at The Buena Vista restaurant and bar. It’s just a block west of the cable car turn-around near the Wharf. When I left from Sacramento earlier that day it was HOT — when I got to the City it was enshrouded in fog and CHILLY. Ducking into the Buena Vista I’d intended to just get a cup of coffee, but they’re world famous for their Irish Coffees and it was a date with destiny!

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